• creamer-maple-syrup-er
  • creamer-maple-syrup-er
Creamer/ Maple Syrup-er
Creamer/ Maple Syrup-er

Creamer/ Maple Syrup-er



A verstile pouring vessel every kitchen could benefit from having!

  • They each hold about 12oz.
  • Glazed fully on the inside and just enough on the outside to let the gorgeous clay body to show through-making up a meandering line reminiscent of a soft mountain range.
  • Finished with a non-toxic and food safe glaze.
  • Dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended.

Each piece is handmade with heart. Because of this, there may be slight variations in size and glazing. It is part of the beauty of handmade pottery.


I am dedicated to practicing environmental stewardship. All packaging is proudly PLASTIC-FREE and fully recyclable.

I also suggest finding a maker or shop nearby who can re-use the materials and box/es or reusing them yourself or in your garden to sheet mulch!

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Through the seasons with this piece

Autumnal pancake or waffle breakfasts- one creamer full with Vermont grade B syrup (pro move: heat up the syrup on the stove with butter first) and another with cream for coffee.

Hibernal steak and potatoes supper with hollandaise sauce in a creamer on the side.

Vernal sourdough loaves and a creamer that lives on the counter to make a beautiful ritual of keeping your starter fed.

Estival dinner parties include abundant salads- use the creamer as a lovely salad dressing vessel.