FAQ & Care


The shop is empty or sold out! How can I order something?

Due to being only one person, my production scale is relatively small. I sell work on my website through two ways: preorders and ready-to-ship shop updates. I will announce either of them in my newsletter and on Instagram with the date and time they will go live. Definitely mark your calendar/set an alarm as sometimes things will go fast (especially the ready-to-ship shop updates).

If there are specific pieces you are looking for, please click the “notify me when available” button on the product listing (where you would normally see the "add to bag" button) to be emailed when it is back in stock!

If I buy another piece to add to my existing collection, will it be the same size?

If you are adding another piece to your collection of the same design and want them to be the same size, please measure the one you have (height and width) in the notes section at checkout so I can find a similar (not perfect) match. Due to the handmade nature of these pots, each batch varies slightly and overtime the design may subtly shift. This is just part of objects being made by hand and I hope you find it just as beautiful as I do. 

Will you make me an entire dinnerware set?

Yes! Head over to the Dinnerware Sets page to learn more and put in an order!

How can I set up a wedding registry?

Head over to the Wedding Registry page to learn more!

Do you have sales or offer discount codes?

Other than having an annual seconds sale (sign up for the newsletter to be notified!), I do not have sales. I believe that these pieces are priced at their true value and I have found over the years that sales (especially when it is just 10-20%) more often lead to panic-buying and impulsivity. I want these pieces to be bought thoughtfully in order to be USED often. You can read more about my thoughts behind this here. 

Will you make me a custom piece?

I am not taking any custom order requests at the moment.

Do you sell wholesale?

Unfortunately I don’t offer wholesale at the moment. If you want to reach out about doing a pop-up together (local or not)- please email hello@ameliawrededavis.com!

Do you offer trade discounts?

Please email hello@ameliawrededavis.com and tell me a little about the kind of work you do to see if it's a good fit!

Do you make wares for restaurants or coffee shops?

I do! Send an email to hello@ameliawrededavis.com with some information about your space and what you have in mind to see if it would be a good fit.

Do you do vessel collaborations?

I do! Send an email to hello@ameliawrededavis.com with some information about your project to see if it would be a good fit. The only collaborations I do not do is work with influencers (i.e. send you pots in exchange for exposure).

Where can I find these pieces for sale in person?

I do not do wholesale, but I do pop-ups and markets all over the place. Be sure to follow on instagram to hear about future events.

Shipping & RETURNS

Do you offer local pickup?

I do not. After offering local pickup for a while, I made the difficult (and perhaps controversial, sustainablity-wise) decision to stop. I found it was taking up lots more time than expected (back and forth emails/people cancelling/needing to raincheck last minute/etc., etc.). Also my studio is at my home, and I like privacy. I was starting to get really stressed out with people coming to the house and needing to interact with customers (introvert problems...). So...I decided to stop! I know it may sound hypocritical as someone who talks a lot about being a holistically sustainable business owner- but this is really just it: my own wellbeing is also included in that. And I just don't have the extra time/energy to navigate the local pickups as a one-woman-show.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Please email what you would like with your shipping address to  hello@ameliawrededavis.com to receive a shipping quote. Please note that the buyer is responsible for any taxes, duties, or customs fees.

When will my order ship?

I ship orders about once a week- so you will receive shipping confirmation with a tracking number via email about 1-5 business days after you place your order. If you ordered something that was a preorder, it will be made to order just for you- so you can expect your order to ship around 4-9 weeks after it was placed. 

Is your packaging recyclable?

100%! I have been sending my packages plastic-free and fully recyclable for about 4 years now! Down to the tape and shipping label, everything can be placed into the recycling bin. The only exception is on some international orders, where the invoice/customs pouch is plastic. If you know of a potter in your area, you can always reach out to them and see if they would like to reuse the packing materials. 

Why is shipping so expensive? How is the price calculated?

Pottery is heavy! In order to be sure these vessels arrive in one piece, I do my best to pack them very well. Because I am a micro-business, I cannot offer shipping rates that compete with massive companies like Amazon or offer free shipping. Shipping price is calculated by weight (and 5 years of sending pots all over). The website is usually spot on, but if for any reason you are overcharged at the time when I make the label up- I will send a refund. 

My piece/s arrived and they aren’t perfect.

Each piece you see here is made by hand by me. Everything that goes out the door is done so by my own discretion, having been making and using my own dinnerware for over 13 years now. The beauty of handmade pieces (to me) is that they aren’t perfect. There may be slight imperfections, as long as I feel they are within the range of both the aesthetic and functional caliber that I feel fits with my full-priced wares and what I feel good about sending out the door (as opposed to “seconds” pieces). I hope you, too, will celebrate the process of handmade small-scale pottery that shows through in each piece, making each one their own unique vessel.

My piece arrived damaged! Help!

Send an email to hello@ameliawrededavis.com to get a replacement within 3 days of when your order was marked delivered and I will set up a replacement!

My box is stuck in transit. What do I do?

I do not have control over (rare, though inevitable) mix-ups with USPS or UPS. Please get in touch as soon as possible. Insurance on parcels is void after 60 days from the mailing date. I will not be able to offer refunds/send a free replacement after this time. Refunds are not available for packages that take longer than the estimated arrival time once shipped.

Someone stole my package. What do I do?

Unfortunately I cannot offer replacements/refunds for stolen packages once they are marked delivered. Please have your package sent to a secure place (like PO box), sign up for the Shopify Shop app tracking alerts, or choose the signature shipping option at checkout!

Can I return or exchange my vessels?

Please read all descriptions and details before purchasing a piece. I do not accept returns/exchanges unless there is something functionally wrong with the piece. Email hello@ameliawrededavis.com for questions about exchanging broken/faulty vessels within 2 days from when the piece(s) arrived (marked delivered). The customer is responsible for all additional shipping costs, unless the piece is broken upon arrival.


Can I put these pieces in the dishwasher and microwave?

Yes! Just be sure you aren’t pacing the dishwasher too tight. Breaks that happen are most often due to if the pots are clanking against other things in the dishwasher. Please use caution and handle these pieces with care.

My vessel broke! Can you fix it?

Unfortunately, no. Not in a way that it will be food-safe and fully sealed. You can always super glue it back together and have it function as a pencil holder or other non-food/drink vessel.

Are these pieces made with lead-free glazes?

Always. Glazes are all mixed by me and never contain lead. Learn more about the process here


Where are these pieces made and by who?

Every piece you see here is designed, made, and shipped by me! Amelia! They are made in the home studio in Tacoma Washington. You can go here to learn more about my making process.

Who is Amelia Wrede Davis? And how do you pronounce “Wrede”?

Amelia is the founder and maker behind the pots you see here. Her middle name is pronounced ‘read’ and was passed down from her Danish grandmother. Most of the women on her maternal side (going back a few generations) share the same middle name :) You can learn more about Amelia and her story here

What are your astrological signs?

I am a Cancer sun, Taurus moon, Capricorn rising.

I am new to pottery! How do I get started?

My one piece of advice for new potters is to trust the process! Especially with throwing, it just takes time. There are no shortcuts. I have been throwing for about 13 years now consistently and still feel new to the art form! In the beginning, let yourself play and explore. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make your pieces look a certain way- just play and see what comes up. This is how you will also find your unique voice through the clay. If you go into it just trying to make things that look like someone else’s work, you can really miss out on a huge part of your own creative process and identity.

If you are setting out to make functional wares, focus more on the ergonomics than the aesthetic. A good looking vessel doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t also feel good to use and functions well! Focus on learning to make pots that your hand craves to pick up time and time again even if your eyes were shut. A few books I learned a lot from are: Pottery Form, Mastering Cone 6 Glazes, Centering, and Functional Pottery. The Ceramic Arts Daily Community Forum is also an *invaluable* resource.

Favorite Dead show?

(ok I don’t get asked this frequently...but...I am going to tell you anyways for all my fellow deadhead nerds out there). It’s a tie between Nassau 5/15+16/80 and Rochester 11/5/77...ok, and Dick’s Picks 35 and Hartford 3/19/1990…

What is the meaning behind all the illustrations on the site? Who did them?

You can read all about them here! As well as see who else had a hand in putting this website together!

Other questions?
Get in touch.