Dinnerware Sets

Breakfast table with AWD ceramics

Looking for a full dinnerware set or to create a wedding registry?

It brings me so much joy to create sets. I love to envision where these pieces will end up and the meals they will hold amidst conversation or stillness. All sets are made to order just for you- so you don’t need to patchwork it together through shop updates. Production time varies between about 5-9 weeks depending on the season. For both wedding registries and personal orders, just follow the instructions below to get an order started or learn more about how it works!

How to Order

Take a look at the set guide where you'll find pricing, the available collection, and everything else you'll need to know.

When you're ready to order, please fill out this form to put in an order request! *I am currently on maternity leave until late 2022. To get on the waitlist for when I return, you can still submit a request and I will get back to you when I am back at it!*

Questions? Get in touch.

Yellow and white dinnerware on linen background
making a bowl on a wheel
pottery and breakfast
3 sizes of bowls
brunch with Amelia Wrede Davis Dishes
Table scene with Amelia Wrede Davis Dishes