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Cereal Bowl
Cereal Bowl
Cereal Bowl

Cereal Bowl



The vessel that a kitchen is not a kitchen without...

  • Each measure approximately 6" X 2.75".
  • Glazed fully on the inside and just enough on the outside to let the gorgeous clay body to show through- making up a meandering line reminiscent of a soft mountain range.
  • Finished with a non-toxic and food safe glaze.
  • Dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended.

Each piece is handmade with heart. Because of this, there may be slight variations in size and glazing. It is part of the beauty of handmade pottery.

Each batch/run of my work is slightly unique in size. If you are adding to an existing set, please measure the width of the pieces you are wishing to add to and I will do my best to find them a good match!


I am dedicated to practicing environmental stewardship. All packaging is proudly PLASTIC-FREE and fully recyclable.

I also suggest finding a maker or shop nearby who can re-use the materials and box/es or reusing them yourself or in your garden to sheet mulch!

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In resistance of late stage capitalism...

I do not advocate for impulsive shopping that adds to one of the many facets of detrimental consumerism/environmental despair in our world. My deepest wish is for these vessels to be loved and used often, rather than sit untouched. Likewise, please remember that these vessels will not fulfill joy deeper than any non-transactional activity.

Through the seasons with this piece

Basic has never been a bad thing.

autumnal season-change immune supportive kitchari.

hibernal chilly evening chilli night.

vernal millet porridge.

Estival egg scrambling vessel when hosting slow weekend brunches wth loved ones.

"They feel so good in the hands- rough bottom, smooth top, nice weight and well balanced. But knowing they were each individually made by one person on a mission to make and provide quality goods in a sustainable, thoughtful manner is really what makes them special."

Veronica D.