maternity leave :)

I am currently on maternity leave! More pots to come...eventually! You can sign up for my newsletter for updates on when I return.

maternity leave :)

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Ceramic AWD bowl with peaches
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inspiration    recipes    thoughts    process
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Hand to Wheel
Wheel to Table

The indents have a story of their own. The indents in my pieces represent an active relationship between the consumer and consumed.

The essence of being “closer” to that which we are putting in our bodies and voting with our dollar to buy. It is an active gesture towards both our farmers/those who labor to produce said nutrients- but also towards ourselves and the vow to take care and nourish our bodies. 

making a field tumbler

When I use my vessels that have an indent, I reflect on this and it acts as a small prayer before I take a sip. The vessel is itself a prayer of sorts for those longing to feed the connection between our body and what we put in it. While the indent feels great and is hard to put down simply for the ergonomics (I love watching people at markets as they lift it up with skepticism, only to see moments later the warmest smile spread across their face with hands wrapped about the piece)- I also believe our subconscious is drawn to the feel because of the innate connection we are longing for as human beings. With each-other, the earth, and our food.  I am aware that not everyone has access to heady adaptogen tonics or fresh smoothies with greens from their local farmer/own yard… And not everyone has access to a piece of handmade pottery. This in no way is meant to be an exclusive feeling, too. This is just the story of why I use indents in my work. Food for thought.

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