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maternity leave :)

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Fire Cider! I make a batch once a year sometime around winter and so I thought I would show you my typical recipe and why I love it so much. A sweet customer/community member sent an unexpected box of blood oranges from her yard in San Diego fueled with good vibes and so I immediately got excited to brew up a batch of fire cider with them (THANK YOU EVA!!!).

Especially in times like the present, there is something said for the healing and symbolism of making concoctions that takes a few weeks to brew and become themself. The care-taking/tending-to aspect of Fire Cider is something that is healing itself. And I think we could all use something right now that gets up excited for the future-even if that is just a few weeks. Right??

Fire Cider is an old traditional folk remedy using vegetables/herbs/spices, honey, and apple cider vinegar. It is known for its ability to scare away colds & [the normal] flu, increase circulation, help recovery when you are sick, and overall aid digestion and add some fire to the belly. It is an anti-microbial stimulant that warms up the body. It is SO easy to make, and really gets the job done with keeping your immune system in check. Especially if you feel a cold coming on, or have one…from my experience, the ACV as well as potent ingredients clear sinuses almost instantly with a kick and a bang.

 We often get so stuck in the same flavors in the kitchen or even when going out to eat- so it is also nice to switch things up and add something new to our repertoire. A healthy system is a balanced one– and one way to achieve that is being sure we’re keeping our diet balanced and filled with lots of different tastes for our system to be nourished by.

I love taking a shot daily when my batch is ready (until I run out), using it in salad dressings, adding to some sparkling water or juice for a concoction that is a little more enjoyable to drink slowly (or even as a cocktail…I am not drinking at the moment- but I love making fire cider margs! They are just the best. Any normal marg will be boring as hell to you after having one of these).

fire cider

As with many herbal and folk remedies, there are a MILLION ways to make Fire Cider. And you will see that every recipe is different. No one is better than the other. And the beauty is that you can use what herbs are growing in your yard or what is in season or grown locally. My recipe is a pretty basic one. Adapted from one by Rosemary Gladstar. Some add more herbs or other spices, etc. But I have found through trial and error that the skeleton recipe is just perfect. I often and drinking lots of other herbs anyways, so for me, there is no need to put everything into it. Over time you will find what works for you and your taste buds!

Here is what I used for this batch:


(For one batch. Multiply for however many you want to make. I usually do one or two)

-1/2c. ginger – peeled and grated

-1/2c. horseradish root – peeled and chopped into small pieces

-1 organic smallish onion – chopped

-1 small organic orange – chopped with skin on

-1/2 organic lemon = chopped with skin on

-10 cloves of organic garlic- smashed or chopped with skin off

-a few sprigs of fresh rosemary

-1 tbsp Diaspora Co. turmeric (or what you have- you can also use fresh…but Diaspora Co. is way better than anything you will find at the grocery store both fresh or dried…in my humble opinion…convential ground turmeric is very low in the actual anti-inflammatory properties (curcumin) )

-1 tsp black peppercorns

-about 16oz of raw unfiltered/unpasturized ACV per quart (I only use Braggs)

-1/4 cup honey- or to taste (this will be added once the fire cider is done infusing)

-A glass quart jar with either plastic lid or metal lid (using parchment paper between the lid and jar to keep from rusting)


Prepare and then place all of the non-liquid ingredients in your jar. Pour the apple cider vinegar over the ingredients while thinking thoughts/sending prayers of healing/health, abundance, vitality, and nourishment into the concoction you are in the process of making and tending to. Make sure all of the ingredients are submerged in the vinegar- take a spoon to make there aren’t any air bubbles. Tighten the lid and then give it a shake! This will brew for 3-6 weeks. Shake daily. When it comes time to strain, you can use a cheesecloth to funnel the medicine into another jar. Add honey to taste and keep in the fridge.

fire cider ingredients in jars

pouring apple cider vinegar over fire cider ingredients
fire cider

learn more about Fire Cider and why/how it just won an amazing legal battle to stay free from trademark! (p.s. do not ever buy from Shire City Herbals)


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