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Ideal for spices, salt, sauces, spreads, butter, tea lights, smudging, rings, and countless other treasures.

  • They measure approximately 2-3"  X 1".
  • When using incense cones or burning resin on charcoal discs, set on a layer of sand or stones in the Pincher to disperse direct heat.
  • Finished with a non-toxic and food safe glaze.
  • Dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended.

Each piece is handmade with heart. Because of this, there may be slight variations in size and glazing. It is part of the beauty of handmade pottery.


I am dedicated to practicing environmental stewardship. All packaging is proudly PLASTIC-FREE and fully recyclable.

I also suggest finding a maker or shop nearby who can re-use the materials and box/es or reusing them yourself or in your garden to sheet mulch!

More Info

Through the seasons with this piece

Endless uses for every part of the home.

Chilly autumnal evening knitting or needlework and the Pincher as a vessel for stitch holders, needles, or other small notions.

Hibernal insence cones to clear the cabin-feverish air.

Vernal tidying- a place for bobby pins, your everyday jewlery while you shower or sleep, etc. 

Estival abundant gatherings are made better with a Pincher on the table filled with Maldon finishing salt- either beside bread and butter, a grazing board, sweet corn on the cob, or really any other meal.

"...But knowing they were each individually made by one person on a mission to make and provide quality goods in a sustainable, thoughtful manner is really what makes them special."

Veronica D.